Mr Wise Designs

Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Recording Engineer
Animation Specialist, Photographer and Business Consultant.

All Entrepreneurs have an ultimate business destiny of happiness
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About Mr Wise

Junior Livingston is a freelance designer & developer from New York. I love my clients because they love my work and my efforts. My inspirations are Dance-Hall Music, Animated Films, Science Fiction, Graphics Design.

I am available for freelance projects. Contact me if you want to work with me.

Mr Wise Designs is a full service recording, multimedia and broadcasting facility parted in 4 divisions: Audio, Video, Photos and the Web Dev. Established in 1998 by owner Junior Livingston. His studio is the most popular and Oldest Design Studio in NY, just mainly in the underground production world. For many years supporting independent artist and helping them to sky rocket their music careers.

For over 15 years Mr Wise has become a permanent hot spot drawing top local artists to his music and video pool along with existing national names such as Raga Z, Purpose, Isiah Mentor, Sukari, Jah Links, Russcuttaz, Profile, Tookie Blaque, Naimless, Galaxy P and many more. Endorsed by Sukari, the studio offers ground-breaking priced packages, talented engineers and award-winning artistic collaborations which have contributed to Mr Wise's unparalleled levels of client loyalty and success.

Now bigger, better, and voted “Sukari’s Best Recording Studio 2011” by Global Music Ent Inc & Reggae Awards Show for Song (What You Been Thinking (Sukari), Mr Wise Designs offers high-quality Audio Recording, Music Production and Video Production in 2 separate Studios, Music Video Production, Radio/TV/Film Post-Production, Green-Screen professional Photography, Graphic and Web Design, as well as Audio/Video Global Broadcasting Classes and multimedia Training Courses for ALL ages with Global Music Entertainment Inc.

Co Recording Engineer and Production by Elblacko Productions (Music Production All Genres) 


 My Skill Set

Graphic Design

Flyers, Logos, Graphics

I build Flyers for events, Posters for upcoming albums
Logos and banners for promotion campaigns.


Scenery, Landscapes

I take beautiful pictures for magazines, newspapers and special projects.

Website Development

Joomla, WordPress, Html, CSS

Examples of works are available in my portfolio

Video Editing

Music Videos, Commercials, Shows

Video Editing done on premises or remotely
For all Projects up to 30 mins.

Flyer Design/ Logs

Banners, Logos, Flyers

Design of Flyers, booklets, posters, logos any printed production desired.

Business Start Up


Brand name, trademark, information basis, strategy for promoting a future brand.


Web, Event

I will help you to implement your ideas graphically. Your idea will manifest critical results.


Short Stories / Commercials

Get an animated cartoon to promote your idea

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